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#752-DJKT 'Famous Maker' Denim Jean Jacket - $6.50 each(24 pieces)

'Famous Maker' Denim Jean Jacket #752-DJKT

Men's denim jacket, 1st quality, 100% cotton, assorted washes & styles. Original label removed and replace with North Creek Traders label. All black. Sizes md to 2x(size scale md-4 lg-6 xl-9 2x-5). Pre-ticketed at $49.99. "These garment have been individually washed to give the impression of being worn and weathered. Any imperfection of shading to the garment is intended for the styling of the garment."

 sold in multiples of 24 pieces - $6.50 each

Shipping Discount! - 25% Freight Discount On All Orders Over $200