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wholesale caps and gloves

Many styles to keep your customers warm this winter!
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Here are all the products in this category:
#300-5020 Winter Scarf and Hat Set(Fur Lined) - $5.00 per set(12 piece case)
#9G-814 Heavy Duty 12 ounce 100% Cotton Canvas Gloves - $.80 per pair(24 pairs)
#9G-806-N 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Winter Gloves - $2.25 per pair(24 pairs)
#9G-11215 Women's Multi-Tone Knit Gloves - $.95 each(36 pairs)
#9G-70051 Men's Camo Insulated Fleece Glove - $.99 per pair(24 pairs)
#9G-70150 'Zwear' Women's Winter Insulated Fleece Glove - $.99 per pair(36 pair)
#9G-70057 Adult Double Insulated Snowflake Glove - $1.00 each(36 pairs)
#9H-960 Blaze Orange Watch Caps - $1.10 each(36 pieces)
#9H-964-NO 'Zwear' Winter Knit Hat - $.65 each(36 pieces)
#9H-959 SPECIAL! Winter Knit Hats - $.80 each(144 pieces)
#9H-10111 Women's Winter Knit Hat w/ Butterfly - $1.50 each(24 pieces)
#9H-30001 Closeout! 'Thermo Wear' Heavy Duty Lined Winter Caps - $1.25 ea(36 pc)
#9H-70011 Adult Fur Wool Blend Lined Snowflake Hat - $1.00 each(36 pieces)
#9H-70017 Winter Hat W/ Fur Lining - $1.10 each(36 pieces)
#6-16000 Sherpa Lined Indoor Slipper - $1.90 each(24 pairs)