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Here are all the products in this category:
#266-EV Women's Elevated Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt - $2.25 each(36 pieces)
#532-4863 'Alternative' Ladies' Strappy Satin Jersey Tank - $2.40 each(36 pcs)
#8-SAN-2 Hand Sanitizer 2oz Pocket Size Fishbowl Jar - $1.59 per unit(36 units)
#8-MASK-1 Protective Washable Mask - Pick Color - $1.50 each(24 masks)
#8-MASK-2 Disposable Protective Mask - $.45 each(5 Bags of 10)
#8-SAN-1 Hand Sanitizer 3.38oz 24 Tube Value Pack - $1.60 per tube(24 tubes)
#0M-026-H-WT 'Hanes' Men’s White Briefs 3 Pair Pack - $2.50 per pack
#0G-1300 'Hanes' Girl's Cotton Briefs - $.90 per pack of 3(24 packs)
#0G-TP30 'Hanes' Toddler Girls' Briefs 6-Pack - $1.80 per pack(12 packs)
#0W-1400 'Hanes' Cool Comfort™ Women's Cotton Brief - $1.80 per pk of 3(24 pks)
#0W-1420 'Hanes' Cool Comfort™ Women's Cotton Bikini - $1.50 per pk of 3(24 pks)
#10-MS-1 Men's Swimsuits - $3.50 each(36 pairs)
#200-TR-D3 'Trump Flag 2020' Tees - $2.60 each(24 pieces)
#200-TR-D5 'God' 'Guns' & Trump' Tees - $2.70 each(24 pieces)
#229-AB-S Closeout! Tie Dye T-shirts(small only) - $2.00 each (24 pieces)
#229-AB-X Tie Dye T-shirts Assorted Colors(XL-2X-3XL) - $3.25 each (36 pieces)
#277-P1 COMFORT COLORS Garment-Dyed Pocket T-Shirt - $1.90 each(36 pieces)
#284-AB ‘dyneomite’ Adult Neon Solid Pigment-Dyed Tee - $1.90 each(36 pieces)
#564-RIB Men's 2x1 Ribbed Tanks - $1.50 each(36 pieces)
#564-506 'Carbon' Men's Sleeveless Stripe Tee - $2.00 each(36 pieces)
#564-SW Men's Tank Top - $1.75 each(36 pcs)
#7W-970 Women's Tie Dye French Terry Hoodie - $7.00 each(18 pieces)
#716-G-P GILDAN Hoodie Heavy Blend(Pick Color - Pick Size - $5.00 each(6 pieces)
#9H-19-02 'Keep America Great' RED Baseball Caps - $2.40 each!
#9H-19-07 'Trump 2020' Camo Caps - (24 caps)
#9H-19-08 'Keep America Great' Baseball Caps with Flag Bill - (24 caps)
#9H-19-10 'Trump' 2020 Baseball Caps w/ American Flag Bill(24 caps)
#9H-812 'Keep America Great' Camo Caps w/ USA Flag Bill - (24 caps)
#9-9010M Merino Wool Quarter Sock(9-11,10-13,13-15) - $1.65 per pair(36 pairs)