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wholesale t-shirt seconds

Style #273A

$.75 each
All seconds are sold on a AS-IS basis-no RETURNS or CREDITS!

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Here are all the products in this category:
#260A Womens Jr. Utility Tees - $.59 each(72 piece case)
#273A Utility Adult Color Tees - $.69 each (72 piece case)
#273XA Utility Adult Color Tees(3X to 6X) - $.83 each (72 piece case)
#278A Adult Utility Long Sleeve Tees - $1.05 each(72 piece case)
#380A Adult Utility Crewneck Sweatshirts Size S - 4X - $1.80 ea (24 piece case)
#402A 'Gildan' Youth Utility Sweatpants - $2.00 each(36 piece case)
#429SA Adult Utility Sweatpants(small only) - $1.50 each(24 piece case)
#601A Womens Irregular Socks - $2.50 per 12 pack(10 pack case)
#715A Adult Utility Pullover Hoods Size S - 4X - $2.90 ea (24 piece case)